So Thankful! 

It’s not Thanksgiving, but we are so filled with Thanksgiving right now!   We are still rejoicing in what God did in Moldova.   Over 250 teenagers making life-changing decisions for Christ!   Please remember that your prayers and support made that trip possible.   One day in Heaven you will have Moldovans approach you and thank you that you were a part of that wonderful week in August of 2017.   Yes, we really do believe that.

We are so thankful for other recent ministry. We had a Blessed weekend in Mechanicsburg, Ohio at Mechanicsburg Baptist. God honored His Word and we witnessed the salvation of a precious mother and her son.  We also had a wonderful weekend in Hillsboro, Ohio at Bible Baptist Church.   God again honored His Word in all services and there was a large number of people that responded to the invitation.   A sweet widow came to us following the evening service and said, “thank you for your ministry tonight!   Joy’s song and Bob’s message were exactly what I needed.”  Just one of many comments about how God had encouraged, blessed and convicted.  We wish we could take you all with us to see how people respond to the message of The Cross.

Exciting News!

Joy has known for a long time that she had a book in her heart that needed to be written.   While Bob was in Moldova she determined to get that heart message on paper.   Well, we are so excited to tell you that the book is finished and she has signed a contract to publish it!   As she began to write, the book just flowed from her heart to the computer.   She has worked tirelessly to finish the manuscript and it is now ready to be submitted to the publisher.   The process of editing, formatting, designing etc. will take a few months but that process has begun!   We’ll keep you posted as to when the book will officially be in print.  The tentative title – My Journey down the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Prayer Needs

Please pray for upcoming CrossPower Meetings.   We have a full Friday-Sunday CrossPower Weekend coming up in September at Brandon Baptist just outside of Mt Vernon, Ohio.   A CrossPower Sunday at Donnel’s Creek Church outside of Springfield, Ohio and a Mission Conference at the end of the month at Central Baptist in Columbus.

A very specific and urgent need is about Joy’s book.   She will be self-publishing and we have signed a contract by faith.   The cost will be approximately $3,000.   Would you seriously pray about investing in this outreach?   We believe God is going to use the book in a powerful way.   As always, we love to hear from you and count it a privilege to pray for your needs and requests.