Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.  Luke 2:12

They Knew!!

Think you’ve heard all of the Christmas Story?  So did we?  Until this..   Bethlehem in Bible times was known for many things but one of the most important was something called Migdal Eder.  That’s the Hebrew.   In Micah 4:8 we find the phrase, “The Watchtower of the flock” – which again in Hebrew is Migdal Eder.   What was that?   Well, many respected scholars believe that this “tower” had very special significance for the sacrifices at the nearby temple in Jerusalem.   It seems that the Shepherds of Bethlehem were not just your ordinary, run of the mill shepherds.  They were the overseers of a very special flock of sheep that were raised specifically for the sacrifices at the Temple.  Now, here’s where it gets incredibly exciting.   When a new lamb was born it would be inspected carefully to see if it had any blemishes or imperfections.  If it was “perfect” it was taken to a cave at the base of Migdal Eder (the Tower of the Flock) and there it would be “swaddled” and dedicated to be a sacrifice – and placed in a manger.  From that day forth that Lamb was separated from the other lambs – to die.   It was literally born to die”.  

Do you see it!!!   When these shepherds heard the message of the Angels that a Savior had been born and they would find a baby “wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger” – they knew!!!    They immediately knew the significance of the announcement.  That’s why they “rejoiced with exceeding great joy”!  This was the LAMB OF GOD!  They knew it! The ultimate baby lamb!   Oh my!  What a book, what a Savior, what incredible consistency.  Hallelujah!

We want to wish you a Blessed Christmas.   Christmas is a time of great rejoicing, but we also know that for many it is a time of trial and testing.   We know of several families that are experiencing the most trying time of their lives at this Christmas season.   We pray for all of you and pray that God will pour out His Spirit in a fresh new way to you and your family this wonderful Holiday Season.   Jesus truly is the Reason for the Season. 

We are still in serious need of end of year gifts.   We have never ended a year in the red and we are praying fervently that God will once again supply our needs at CrossPower.   We must replace Bob’s vehicle soon as well.  We were forced to “junk” the SUV that he had driven for many years.   Pray specifically that God would meet that need.  

Each one of you are so special to us and we thank God daily for you.   For 17 years God has used your prayers and support to keep us going.   We do not take that for granted.  Thank you!  

Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2018.  We are trusting God that 2018 will be the best yet for CrossPower Ministries!